How Do I Move Out of California?

Thinking of moving to Nevada from California?  Thinking of moving out of California?  I am seeing a lot of people selling their current homes in California and using that equity as a down payment on a new home out here or just paying cash for a cheaper home here. How do I move out of California seems to be gaining traction in the past year. It reminds me of the mass exit we saw in 2004 and 2005.

If you are looking to move to Las Vegas, check out my web site for more information! My personal story about my moving from California to Nevada is below.

As someone that was born and raised in The Golden State, there seems to be a decline in quality of life, taxes, crime and of course traffic conditions. These were the reasons I thought to myself "I want to move out of California" and headed to Las Vegas, nearly 20 years ago .

I am seeing that 60% of my clients this year are from either The Bay Area or in Southern California. The biggest issue for most of the people that want to relocate seems to be affordability. Real Estate in California continues to be unaffordable for most people. Taxes are also a huge factor.

I am writing this post to address the questions that I am getting a lot of. Read on and if you have other questions that I have not addressed below, feel free to call me anytime. 702-768-2552.


Quality of Life-California VS. Nevada: 

From my over personal experiences I would say this: First off getting from one part of town to the other is a breeze compared to LA and the Bay Area traffic! Second, our gas prices are cheaper, food costs are cheaper, less smog to deal with. These are a few things to consider. Our overall quality of life is a lot better when you just factor in those few things.

We are also very business friendly, meaning if you want to relocate a business, Nevada is open to that. We have less taxes than California, business as well as personal taxes. We have NO STATE INCOME TAXES! That right there should save you at least 13% from what you pay in California. If you're ready to learn how to move out of California, just reach out and I'll  help guide your way.


Are You Losing Equity In your California Home? 

Coming Soon! I will be posting data from California communities which will show you that the California real estate market is in a decline or facing a decline in the near future. 


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My personal story about leaving California:

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I grew up there, and I went to school there. I wanted to leave LA in the mid 1990's as I started to see more traffic,  spending hours a day in my car rather than at home, more crime, my quality of life was not as good as other cities I had visited. Taxes started going up, real estate was unaffordable by the mid 2000's and I just needed to re-invent my life.

In 2003, I took a risk. I made the decision that I want to move out of California. I left LA and moved out to Las Vegas. I started Real Estate school in 2003 and in 2004, I became a business owner and a full time Las Vegas Realtor. I'd love to chat with you and see what I can do to help you understand how to move out of California. What's your reason for leaving? If you want to move to Las Vegas,  let's chat about it!

What is the average sales price of a home in Las Vegas?

As of September 2023, the average sales price is around $450,000.00 to $700,000.00+. It will also depend on the location of the home, size and features you are looking for. Summerlin and Henderson seem to be at a premium now. This means that home prices in these areas are going to be 20% higher than most of The Las Vegas Valley. If you are looking into these areas for a home, I would have a budget of at least $600,000.00+ and above. That pricing point should get you a newer home that is at least 1,800 + square feet or bigger.

If you are looking for a home that is around 1,500 square feet, budget around $450,000.00-500,000.00. Keep in mind, Las Vegas is very affordable compared to California! What you might pay for a condo in Los Angeles that’s 1,000 square feet for $800,000.00, that will get you a 2,500+ square foot home in Henderson or Summerlin with money left over!

What type of real estate market is it right now?

As of September 2023, we are in a sellers market, no matter your pricing point. Inventory continues to fall and it's not bouncing back up to numbers that can sustain current demand levels. If you are thinking about buying a home in Las Vegas, it's worth having a serious conversartion now rather than later. 

Buyers under $500,000.00 will still see challenges in trying to find a quality home without multiple offers. As I say to all of my buyer clients, "It can take 20 minutes or up to 6 months to find a home right now!"   

As for our home inventory on the MLS, we have around 3,137 single family homes for 2.5 million people. That is not a good number for our inventory. A buyers market inventory would be around 10,000 to 12,000 homes. Since we are under than number, the only problem now is interest rates. This has been a huge challenge for Las Vegas residents since the average sales price and interest rates have knocked them out of the home buying market. As a California resident, you will have an advantage compared to Las Vegas residents since you are used to higher prices in your real estate market.

If you consider new home construction, use caution as it may take 5-12 months for a new home builder to build you a home. With interest rates going up, waiting that long to buy a brand new home may be a huge gamble. There are still plenty of homes for sale but some homes may require work or customization. 

What are your favorite areas of Las Vegas?

For me, I love Summerlin. Not only do I work here, I live here. Check out: for more information about the area. I love the area because everything is around you that you need without the traffic and congestion. Restaurants, shopping, casinos, great freeway access, outdoor activities and much more make Summerlin a family friendly part of town and just a great place to live and play.

If you are a Henderson person, Henderson is also good too. It is at the valley floor meaning that it’s 1,700 feet above sea level. Summerlin is around 3,000 feet above sea level. In Henderson, it tends to be hotter, more traffic and more population. If you are thinking of moving to Summerlin, call me today. Let's chat about that move!

Currently, Henderson has approximately 320,000+ people where Summerlin has around 100,000+ people. Henderson is closer to the airport and is in the flight path. When you come out here, ask me to drive you around both places so that you can make a logical choice as to where you would like to live.

Be sure to visit: and check out my community pages for more information about all of the great areas here in Las Vegas! Check out The City of Henderson’s website for more information:

What is it like to live in Las Vegas?

It's like night and day from Los Angeles. I grew up in LA during the 80's. What a great time to be a teenager! After I got out of High School, things changed. More traffic, more smog and my quality of life got worse. Las Vegas has been a totally different place to live.

First off, I have a great career that I could never have in LA. I have everything that I ever had in LA minus the traffic, the taxes, the smog, the higher cost of living! Las Vegas allows me to play on The Strip if I want to, go see an NHL or NFL game, it allows me to travel from one part of town to the other in under 30 minutes.

Pro sports are now a huge deal out here! With the addition of MLB, NHL and NFL we continue to grow in this field of pro sports. 

We are now talking about an NBA team.... check out this website: The NBA Arena has been funded and construction will resume soon!

Las Vegas is very family friendly! From outdoor activities like hiking, parks, trails, off roading, skiing, casinos (of course) world class restaurants if you are a foodie like me. Explore new places, do new things. Las Vegas gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself and your new quality of life. I'm not in a rush to get some where like I was in LA. I don't spend hours a day in bumper to bumper traffic.

How long will it take us to find a home?

Great question! It can take 20 minutes or a few months. It just depends on our timing and what's available. Make sure that you have your finances in place first before we start looking for a home. A proof of funds letter if you are paying cash or a pre-approval letter if you are financing your purchase. This helps me put in an offer right away without any delays. Escrow usually is around 30-35 days for financing and with a cash transaction I can usually close within 2 weeks.

What if I need to sell my current home in California?

When moving to Nevada from California often my clients needs to sell their CA home.

Call me ASAP! From San Diego to San Francisco, I have plenty of partner Realtors that are licensed in California and can help you get the best offer on your home. I am only licensed in Nevada. In fact, I have several Realtors that I have worked with for years now that will do a great job for you! Cash out your current California home's equity and move to Las Vegas!

In conclusion, I can help you with that hard question: How Do I Move Out Of California? If this is something you have been thinking about doing and have put it off, now is the time to act. Call my today, let’s chat. Let me share my experiences of leaving California after living there for 30 years of my life. Also, I can tell you how things are in Las Vegas and how I can give you some information and guidance for your new life in Las Vegas!

Move to Las Vegas, It’s easier than you think. Call me today and let’s chat! 702-768-2552.