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Las Vegas Foreclosure: How Can You Avoid It?

Are you facing an uncertain financial future? Do you need a Foreclosure Realtor in Las Vegas? Did you buy your home before 2020? Forget about Foreclosure or a Forbearance program that may cost you your home's equity! Check out this page for more information about Las Vegas foreclosure and how to avoid it!

In the state of Nevada, after 90 days of missed payments, the bank or loan servicing company can start the legal process of foreclosure against you. Do not take this process lightly! Time is not on your side once a "Notice of Default" had been filed with the county against your home. After the Notice of Default has been filed, there is an automatic 90 day cool down period which means nothing can happen to you or your home during that cool down period. 

After the cool down period ends, foreclosure can take place. This means that your bank or loan servicer will start posting legal notices on your home, calling you to advise you of their intentions to foreclose. Do not ignore these calls or notices. Communicate with your bank or loan servicer. Ask them if there are any solutions that you can do to prevent or stop the foreclosure. 


Do You Have Equity in Your Current Home, Town Home or Condo?

If you have equity in your current home, town home or condo it's extremely important that you act NOW to preserve your equity. Every month you miss a loan payment, you are losing money that could help you get a fresh start financially. It's very important that you call me now to get information on your home's current value and to see if I can help you sell your home and cash out your equity. Time is not on your side if a Notice of Default has been recorded against your property. 



A Las Vegas Short Sale may be what you need to look into! If you need a Foreclosure Realtor in Las Vegas, please read this page for more information.  Since 2006, I have helped hundreds of people in your situation AVOID Foreclosure! How do I do that? First, I will find out if you have equity in your home. If you have equity in your home, I may be able to help you cash out this money, and sell your home so that you can get a fresh start. If you do have equity, then you will not have to complete a short sale. 

Nevada Foreclosure Time Line

How Can a Short Sale Help Me?

If you are facing foreclosure, a short sale may be your best option. If a bank or loan servicer forecloses on your home, your credit will be impacted for at least 7 years. Below, I have listed several key points if you complete a short sale or if you allow a foreclosure to proceed against you. This may be one of the most important choices you make financially. Please make sure you contact me about these choices and how I can help you get a fresh start! 

A Foreclosure Can Negatively Affect You in The Following Ways:

  1. A reduction of current credit on your credit cards.
  2. Higher interest rates on car loans and other credit services.
  3. The ability to not qualify for another home loan for several years.
  4. Not being able to rent a home or apartment. The rental market in Las Vegas is highly competitive and this is a huge factor having bad credit. 
  5. Getting a government job or other jobs that require good credit.
  6. Having bad credit limits your financial options and how you can recover.
  7. Banks and loan servicers can sue you in court and get a judgement against you for the amount you have defaulted on.
  8.  Having a lower credit score could take you years to improve it.  

These are just a few problems you may have if you let your home go to foreclosure. Preventing foreclosure is the best way to rebound and start over. A Short Sale may be the best way to handle this problem.

A Short Sale's Positive Affects Compared to a Foreclosure:

  1. Within 2-3 years after completing a Short Sale and working on your credit, you may be able to qualify for another home loan.
  2. Short Sales end any future legal actions against you. Nevada is a "One Action State" which means the bank or loan servicer can only pursue 1 action.
  3. Most of my clients that have short sold their homes have called me after a few years and told me that they have bought another home. 
  4. Credit is not affected as badly as having a foreclosure on your credit history. 
  5. Short Sales give you a way out of a bad situation and the ability to fix your finances faster than foreclosure. 
  6. I can give you ideas how to work on building up your credit and rebounding from this negative situation.
  7. Short Sales give you completion and a way out that is fair and easy to recover from compared to foreclosure which takes years to over come. 

As a Short Sale Foreclosure Realtor and Specailist here in Las Vegas, I can help you with several different options. I know how to help you recover from this and give you a positive outcome. Call me today and let's discuss your options when you are facing foreclosure.  

My Goals with you...

As with any of my clients, my goal is to build you up and give you a better financial future. It's important to come up with a game plan as to how I will help you avoid foreclosure. I will negotiate with your servicer or lender a way to get rid of fee's and late payments. Some lenders may work with you if they know you are selling your home in the next 30-60 days. If not, then sell your home ASAP and do not let another month go by with a missed or late payment.

The longer you wait to make a house payment, the worse off your credit is and your chances of a quick recovery. If you are at the point of missing your first home payment, CALL ME NOW! Do not wait to damage your credit or lose your home to foreclosure. 

Free Short Sale Evaluation:

If you have any questions about a short sale or the process, call me directly at: 702-768-2552. I can give you a free home evaluation and explain to you how we will proceed with the process. I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and I am certified to handle Short Sales, and Foreclosures.

During this free evaluation process, we will go over all of your finances related to completing a short sale. We will go over the entire process from A to Z. This includes going over all of your finances that have to be disclosed, also seeing how up side down you are in your home's worth. 


What Are The Costs of Doing a Short Sale? 

This is mostly a FREE process to you. When you use me as your Las Vegas Short Sale Realtor, the bank/loan servicer will pay all Realtor commissions due. Usually the costs to do a short sale are small compared to filing for bankruptcy. The biggest cost to you will be to order an HOA Resale Packet if you live in a HOA Community.  

Government Resources: 

Also, check out HUD.GOV for more information as to how to save your home and work with your lender or servicer if you do not want to sell your home. This link has valuable information for you and can help you make a good choice as to what you will do with your home! If you do not chose to sell your home, hopefully this link to the left can help you find other solutions to stay in your home! 

Check out the CFPB Website for additional resources too! As of August 2022 however, most COVID programs have ended. Be sure to contact me or use the resources on this page to determine if you can save your home from foreclosure or if you need to cash out your equity before the bank takes your home! 

If you need to do a Las Vegas Short Sale, please read about Las Vegas Short Sales here: 


In conclusion, if you are looking for a foreclosure Realtor in Las Vegas, 

I look forward to working with you and helping you figure your financial situation.

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