Summerlin West Urban Core and more…

Summerlin West Map 2024Summerlin West Urban Core Takes Shape! Howard Hughes Corporation has stated that the Summerlin West Urban Core will be the “Yin to the Yang of Downtown Summerlin.” What does that mean? I think it means that Urban Core will be a different type of venue for Summerlin West residents and visitors.  Maybe more of a small town feel to it. One way streets, smaller capcity streets etc. As your Summerlin Realtor, I keep up with all new and future projects.

Based on recent drone flights I’ve flown in the area, you can start to see the vast size of Urban Core as well as some of the streets taking shape. As your Summerlin Realtor, I will start giving monthly updates on this area.





Summerlin Realtor Expect a lot of one way streets as well as streets that will connect Redpoint Summerlin, Redpoint Square Summerlin to Kestrel Commons Summerlin and Kestrel Summerlin.

We will see Traffic increasing into the area once all of the streets are open to the public as well as new building projects in the area. Below, I will discuss rumors and what I know about what to expect coming into Summerlin West.

The Urban Core project looks like it will have at least 92 acres that will make up this area according to tax records. This can change and it’s a guess at this point. I have created several drone flights of the area showing the activity there monthly.




Rumors, What I Know Already….

Summerlin West Urban Core First off, if you look at Clark County property records, the area under development for the Urban Core is aroun 92 acres give or take. The area is huge and you can expect to see a mixed use area meaning residential as well as commercial areas that are all close by. I would expect to see bike lanes as well as trail systems connecting the Summerlin Grand Park and other parts of Summerlin West like Repdoint Summerlin.

The vision for this area is work, play and live. Summerlin Parkway will be expanded to a major interchange at the 215 starting this year. A $100,000,000.00 project was featured in the Review-Journal back in February: 

Rumors suggest 2 smaller sized casinos some where in Summerlin West. Also, a Sprouts or Whole Food grocery store, and a possible Super Target? All speculation at this point. With the amount of growth coming into the area from housing, you will now need to expand commercial spaces to meet the needs of the areas newest residents.


When Can We Expect To See These New Projects Start Construction? 

urban core summerlin westSummerlin West, Summerlin Urban Core will start being developed in the next few years. Residents have been complaing for several years that Reverence Summerlin was an icolated part of Summerlin West. That is no longer a valid complaint with the recent opening of Kestrel Summerlin and Kestrel Commons Summerlin.

I would epxect to see more commercial space develepment in the next 2-5 years. With things changing so fast up here, expect more good things to come into the area.  As your Summerlin Realtor, I stay current with what’s going on in Summerlin and Las Vegas.


How Can I Stay Up To Date With Whats Going On In Summerlin West? 

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