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Summerlin West Homes for Sale

     Summerlin West Future Map March 2023          Summerlin West Future Map March 2023

Are You Looking for Summerlin West Real Estate?

Are you looking for homes for sale in Summerlin West Las Vegas? What about new homes Summerlin West? 5,000+ acres make up Summerlin West. When completed, Summerlin West will have 14 villages total in the next 15 to 20 years. Summerlin west homes for sale right now- there are 5 villages that have been either built out or are being currently built. Currently, below is a list of all the Summerlin West communities that are selling or being developed:

  1. The Vistas Summerlin
  2. The Paseos Summerlin
  3. Stonebridge Summerlin
  4. Redpoint Summerlin
  5. Redpoint Square Summerlin
  6. Reverence Summerlin
  7. Kestrel Summerlin-Now building and selling!
  8. Kestrel Commons Summerlin-Now building and selling!
  9. Urban Core Summerlin-Commercial Zoned Area-Future development!
  10. Little Red Rocks Summerlin-Future development!
  11. La Madre Peaks Summerlin-Future development!
  12. Upper Brownstone Valley Summerlin-Future development!
  13. Braided Washes Summerlin-Future development!
  14. Grand Park Summerlin-Coming Soon!

Summerlin West is Still Growing and the Future of the Area Looks Amazing!

Summerlin Parkway will have their own west bound and east bound traffic lanes. In the middle of these lanes will be the Summerlin Urban Core which according to Howard Hughes Corporation "It will be the Yin to the Yang of Downtown Summerlin." What that means is anyone's guess.

Since the newest areas of Summerlin are designed to work, live and play, expect the Urban Core to use all 3 of those ideas. Development of the Summerlin Urban Core is still on-going now.

There have also been talks of a Whole Foods coming to the area and a Sprouts near Kestrel Summerlin. Also, a casino hotel has been talked about too. All of this may be rumors at this point or just hope that these businesses are coming into the area. I can tell you that you should expect more commercial zones up in Summerlin West due to high demand and a growing population.

If you look at the Summerlin West area map, it will be the biggest part of Summerlin when completed.

You can also expect more homes, condos and town homes to hit the area. With the natural beauty of the area, you can also count on more trails, parks and other recreational areas for Summerlin residents to use. This part of Summerlin in the next few years will continue to grow and expand closer to the Red Rock Mountain range.


Be sure to check out my channel for drone videos of the Summerlin area and model home tours.

Current Villages For Sale in Summerlin West:

The Paseos Summerlin:

The Paseos Summerlin is a 375 acre residential village with single and multi family neighborhoods.  There are 14 residential neighborhoods. Home prices start around $600,000.00 and continue over 1.8 million. Vassiliadis Elementary School is located within this village. Doral Academy is a charter school that is also located in the Paseos Summerlin. If you are looking for homes for sale in Summerlin West Las Vegas, check out my search results at the bottom of the page. 

As your Summerlin Realtor, I can help you find your perfect home here in The Paseos Summerlin! Inventory still remains low in Summerlin, however let’s work together to find you your new home!

The village has 2 great parks that connect to each other via a trail system for biking, walking or running. 

The Vistas Summerlin:

The Vistas Summerlin is an 815 acre residential village with single and multi family neighborhoods. You can find single story homes, town homes and luxury homes in this village. The Village was the first village to take shape within Summerlin’s western region located next to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Prices in this village start around $480,000.00 and can go over $1,500,000.00.

There are 3 community parks within this village as well as a community pool at The Vistas Park. Linda Givens Elementary School is also located in The Vistas. 
You are a 5 minute drive from this village to Downtown Summerlin. Downtown Summerlin offers shops, dinning, a farmers market on the weekends, outdoor activities during the holidays as well as a movie theater and a Dave and Busters. Macy's and Dillard's are the two anchor stores that make up Downtown Summerlin. 

Stonebridge Summerlin: 

Stonebridge Summerlin Village is Summerlin’s newest village located west of the 215 beltway. It is minutes away from scenic Red Rock Conservation Area. Stonebridge features homes from several new home builders like Toll Brothers, KB Home, Richmond American, Woodside homes and more! As your Summerlin Realtor, it’s my job to stay current on all of the trends in Stonebridge. 

Stonebridge Summerlin is also home to Lennar's 55 or older age restricted community that is currently selling and under construction. 

Redpoint Summerlin: 

Summerlin West newest villages that opened in 2020 and is now almost complete. Redpoint Summerlin features single story homes, and two story homes. Several builders such as Pulte Homes, Talyor Morrison, Woodside Homes and Toll Brothers have built several subdivisions here. Homes start around 1,800 square feet and go up to 4,400 square feet. There are several different styles of homes. Most are modern in design. Features include 2 and 3 car garages, energy star design homes, and modern usage of interior square footage. 

Redpoint Square Summerlin:

Redpoint Square Summerlin features town homes, condos and single family homes. KB Homes, Toll Brothers, Richmond American, Woodside Homes, and Taylor Morrison are some of the builders you will find in this village which is just to the north of Redpoint Summerlin. The properties within this village are smaller in interior square footage. Several communities feature 3 story homes with amazing roof top decks. Square footage starts around 1,300 square feet and goes up to 2,800 square feet. 

More Information:

Redpoint Square Summerlin is a more urban feel to it. It will also be within walking distance to the Summerlin Urban Core area which Howard Huges calls the "Yin to the Yang of Downtown Summerlin." Plans are still not complete for the Summerlin Urban Core area. Rumors of a Whole Foods and other commercial spaces are still in the planning stages too.  Homes for sale in Summerlin West Las Vegas give you several choices. 

Both Redpoint Summerlin and Redpoint Square Summerlin will have walking trails, bike path lanes and plenty of parks coming to the area. The Summerlin Grand Park will be located northwest of Redpoint Summerlin. When completed,  Summerlin Grand Park will be the biggest open space park in all of Summerlin. 

Kestrel Summerlin and Kestrel Commons Summerlin: 

Summerlin's newest arrival started construction in 2021 and is now open. Several builders including Talyor Morrison, Pulte Homes, Woodside Homes, KB Homes and Richmond American  are the builders that have already started building or have signs up in the area.

Kestrel Summerlin is located off of the 215 freeway at the Lake Mead off ramp and is west of the 215. This area will have a lot of commercial space to serve Kestrel Summerlin, Kestrel Commons Summerlin as well as Redpoint Summerlin and Redpoint Square Summerlin.

No further details on the commercial space is available however the space is just to the southwest of the 215 freeway at Lake Mead. Single story homes, 2 and 3 story homes are available in this village. KB Homes will be building smaller homes in this village. Woodside Homes offers several single story homes in this village. Taylor Morrison and Pulte Homes will have 3 story options with roof top decks. The views from these roof top decks are amazing.

Call me anytime at 702-768-2552 if you have any questions about Summerlin West. 

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