Bear's Best Golf Course

The Arroyo Golf Club

Siena Golf Course


The Summit Club

Tucked away in the lively pulse of the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin isn’t just another neighborhood—it’s a lifestyle. This masterfully crafted community is brimming with charm, from its scenic parks and wide-open spaces to its bustling corners of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Summerlin has a rhythm of its own, making every day an adventure.

But let’s talk about the golf. Las Vegas, known globally for its unparalleled golfing experiences, cradles Summerlin as its shining jewel. Here, golf isn’t just a game; it’s a celebration. Whether you’re someone who tees off with the grace of a pro or someone who just enjoys the thrill of the game, living in Summerlin promises courses that will ignite your passion and challenge every swing.

Bear’s Best Golf Course

At Bear’s Best Golf Course, every swing comes with a breathtaking view. Nestled in the heart of the valley and masterfully designed by the iconic Jack Nicklaus, this course is more than just a round of golf—it’s an experience. Every one of its 18 holes offers a unique blend of challenge and charm, with sparkling water hazards, strategically placed sand traps and verdant fairways that seem to beckon you forward. Simply put, it’s a golfer’s dream landscape.

But the allure of Bear’s Best doesn’t stop at the green. The expansive 10,000-square-foot clubhouse is the ideal backdrop for any event. Whether it’s a corporate meeting, an elegant banquet, a dreamy wedding, or a lively party, they’ve got the space and the ambiance to make it memorable. And when the day winds down, head over to Jack’s Place. It’s more than just a lounge and grill; it’s a treasure trove of sports memorabilia and the go-to spot for delectable Las Vegas dining. Open every day, it’s where good food and great stories come together.

Siena Golf Club

Set within the heart of Summerlin, Siena Golf Club is more than just a golfing venue—it’s a captivating journey. Its 18 holes, with dramatic views of the Red Rock Mountains and the Las Vegas skyline, cater to both novice golfers and seasoned experts. Every hole presents a distinct challenge, making each round a unique adventure.

The stunning Lake Siena, adorned with cascading waterfalls, accentuates the course, particularly at the first hole. The spacious 13,500-square-foot clubhouse adds to the allure. From the fully-stocked golf shop and state-of-the-art practice area to the inviting Siena Bistro, which overlooks Lake Siena, every corner speaks of luxury. Elevated spots across the course also offer panoramic views of mountains merging with the city’s glow, solidifying its reputation as a Las Vegas golfing treasure.

The Arroyo Golf Club

The Arroyo Golf Club in Las Vegas is a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle yet close enough to the city’s entertainment. It beautifully merges the tranquility of nature with the vibrancy of city life. Nestled at the Red Rock Country Club, its clubhouse caters exclusively to daily fee players. It boasts a full-service golf shop, locker rooms for both men and women and a dining area with both a bar and grill. From the expansive patio, one can soak in breathtaking views of the Red Rock Canyon and the cityscape.

Designed by Arnold Palmer, the 18-hole championship course is a visual delight, making it perfect for all golfers. The meticulous greens and challenging layout, combined with its scenic backdrop, make Arroyo one of Las Vegas’s most coveted golfing destinations.

The Summit Club

The Summit showcases top-tier real estate, ranging from roomy golf cottages to grand estate homesites. Every property offers stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock, and the Canyon. Nestled between the awe of nature and the city’s lively beat, The Summit’s homes naturally embody their environment.

Members and their guests exclusively enjoy The Summit Club, a private golf course meticulously designed by Tom Fazio. This 18-hole championship terrain promises a unique golfing adventure, skillfully merging wide fairways with demanding challenges, testing both skill and tactics.

TPC Las Vegas

Designed by the renowned architect Bobby Weed and World Golf Hall of Famer Raymond Floyd, the golf course stands as a par-71, 7,104-yard championship masterpiece. The breathtaking experience you witness on the course comes alive at the TPC Grille. Here, diners savor Southwest-inspired dishes while gazing over Red Rock Canyon and the 18th Fairway.

It gracefully winds its way through the stunning desert landscapes of arroyos and barrancas, covering several hundred acres. Many regard TPC Las Vegas Golf as one of Las Vegas’ premier golf courses. With 18 holes set against the backdrop of stunning mountain vistas, rolling hills, and pristine lakes, it promises an unparalleled golfing experience.

TPC Summerlin

TPC Summerlin isn’t just another golf course in Las Vegas; it’s a masterpiece crafted by the brilliant Bobby Weed. As soon as you set foot on the course, you’re treated to 18 holes of impeccable greens, tricky bunkers, and views of the majestic mountains that’ll take your breath away.

But what makes Summerlin truly special isn’t just its golfing allure. It’s how the courses capture the vibrant and luxurious lifestyle of the area. Whether you’re just playing a friendly game on a lazy Sunday or going all out in pro mode, Summerlin’s courses have a way of leaving a mark on your heart. And for those lucky enough to call this place home, that magic is just a part of daily life. Seriously, if there’s a dream spot to live in the Las Vegas Valley, it’s got to be Summerlin.