Active Duty Military and Veterans- Are you looking to buy or sell a home in Las Vegas?

If so, I can help you. As a certified Military Relocation Professional (MRP) The National Association of Realtors has certified me as someone that can help you with a PCS move to Las Vegas or if you are a Veteran, I am more than happy to help you with the VA loan process. Be sure to scroll down this page for a PCS checklist.

I am your VA Home Buyer Specialist here in Las Vegas, Summerlin or Henderson. If you are new to the Las Vegas area, call me so that we can discuss where you want to live and what your housing requirements are.

I designed this page to give you some advice on how to move forward with buying a home or selling a home. Check out my free tips as well and some informative links below. Call me anytime 702-768-2552 if I can be of further assistance to you.

I have been helping active duty military, reservists and veterans with all of their Las Vegas real estate needs for 18 years. If you are active duty military let’s say you are an E-6 in zip code 89166. Your BAH for Clark County is $2,016.00 with dependents. $1,737.00 without dependents as of 7/2022. If you are a different rank, you can check out your BAH here:  BAH Calculator on Defense Travel Management Office

If you are a Veteran looking to use your VA loan benefit to purchase a home in Clark County, contact me today so that I can assist you in how to apply and use your VA Loan benfits. I have a loan officer I use that can assist you with all of your VA Loan needs. 

For more information on VA Loans check out: VA Home Loan Limits

What is The VA Escape Clause Document? 

Great Question! This document is used on ALL VA Loans. If you are active duty military or a veteran and you are buying a home, we use this document. 

Basically, it is used to protect your Earnest Money Deposit. This is a deposit used at the beginning of the transaction and shows to the seller(s) that you intend to buy their home or property. Usually an Earnest Money Deposit in the Las Vegas area depends on the price of the home. If the home is under $600,000.00, a $5,000.00 Earnest Money Deposit is ok. If the home is more expensive, they sellers and buyers can come up with a number that is reasonable to both parties. 

What Does The VA Escape Clause Do For Me As A Buyer?

This document is signed by all parties involved in the transaction. It clearly states that if there is any problem with an appraisal, the buyer(s) get their Earnest Money Deposit back if a new sales price cannot be agreed upon by both parties to the transaction.

Here's an example: If the home you want to buy is selling per your contract at $500,000.00 but the appraisal comes back at $450,000.00, then the buyer(s) are entitled to a full refund of their Earnest Money Deposit. This protects you if the seller(s) fail to honor that appriased value that differs from the contracted sales price. 

The form on the left is an example of a VA Escape Clause. The form you sign will be similar to this one. Call me anytime if you have questions about this document.

Free Advice and Tips:

If you are facing a PCS move, time is a factor.  The best advice I can give you is:

  1. Get pre-approved ASAP for your VA loan.
  2. Get verification of your military status ASAP.
  3. Contact me so that I can start helping you identify a new home for you and your family too.
  4. Make sure you have all of your dates lined up…for example have you already confirmed a moving time frame?
  5. Do you need information on the Las Vegas area such as schools, base information etc?
  6. When will you need housing by? Count on a 30 day transaction once a home has been found. 
  7. What are you looking for in your new home? Features, rooms, square feet etc.
  8. Create a budget as to what you can afford, factor in your BAH and other income as well.
  9. Average sales price in Las Vegas is around $465,000.00 as of 8/2022 for a resale home.
  10. Most of my active duty clients are looking at $485,000.00+ as their sales price.
  11. New home construction prices are around $500.000.00 with a build time of 6 months to 13 months. 
  12. Location: Do you want an easy drive to Creech AF Base or Nellis AF Base?
  13. When you deal with me and my team, we put your needs first and get the job done ASAP!
  14. If you are out of state or out of country, I can video homes for you, Aerial Drone Footage, Facetime and or take additional pictures etc.
  15. Click below for a free PCS checklist.

VA Loan Toolkit PDF:

PCS Move Checklist and Timeline:

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Additional Sources About VA Loans:

Check out's page about VA Loans. The page has information about how to get your certificate of eligibilty, current rates, what happens if you default on a VA Loan and much more! You can visit the page here: Understanding VA Loans on Bankrate

Discounts to Active Duty and Veterans: 

If you need help to sell your home, call me today. I have discounted commission rates for active duty and veterans! Be sure to check out the rest of my website to see several communities that make up the Las Vegas Valley as well as helpful information if you are thining about selling your home. 

If you are a VA Buyer, I pay the $695.00 transaction fee for you! 
Call me today at: 702-768-2552 so that I can start helping you ASAP. I can help you with your PCS move to Las Vegas!